August 31   1 comment

August 31

This morning we packed up all our things and made our way to Kings Cross rail station, where we caught the train to Peterborough. We passed through lovely green country on the way, and the trip seemed too short…we had just started to get the hang of it, and relax, when it was time to disembark for Peterborough. Very kindly, our host Michael (of Rowan House in Barnack, where we are staying) had offered to pick us up at the station, and then took us for a mini-tour of Peterborough and its cathedral.

Peterborough Cathedral, in contrast to Salisbury’s medieval and St Paul’s neoclassical architecture, is a Norman and Gothic cathedral, which houses the remains of Katherine of Aragon, among others. We were poleaxed by its vaulted New Building ceiling, especially, which recalled a forest of stone trees to us. The ceiling of King’s College Chapel in Cambridge is an almost identical replica of this ceiling, by the same architect, John Wastell of Bury St. Edmunds. Notable other features were the fiendishly complex wooden carvings of the Choir section, and the insanely ornate wooden carvings of the pulpit.

I don’t have many photos of this cathedral; we only had Lissie’s itouch with us, so the photos are trapped there for now. Plus, they strongly discouraged photography in the cathedral, though we did get a nice souvenir book full of better photos than we possibly could have taken. For online pix, see:

Once we got settled into our room, Michael took us to the Burghley site and we walked around, seeing the manor house (really a palace) and a bit of the course, as well as watching a few of the competing horses being trotted up. It was thrilling to be there after all this planning, and it all starts tomorrow!

While there, we saw the extensive herd of Fallow deer which reside on the estate – they’ve been herded into an enclosure for the duration of the event.

Swans in a Barnack river

Lissie says: good luck, first day of school tomorrow kids!


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  1. Took a virtual tour of the cathedral. Cool! Hope you can take lots of pictures tomorrow and that you both have a blast.

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